Macai Capital

Macai Capital is a real estate investment and development management firm based in London with a presence in Barcelona and the Maldives. It is dedicated to delivering above market returns through innovative solutions in situations where there is either a lack of capital or expertise.

Macai Capital takes a flexible, opportunistic approach and selectively targets the most attractive investment prospects, united by a common focus on situations where our involvement can facilitate a value-creating strategic transformation.

The principals of Macai Capital bring a wealth of experience in all real estate assets classes as equity investors, debt underwriters, asset managers and developers. With a track record of over €7bn in transactions executed at some of the world’s premier banks and investment houses; we bring a deep knowledge of real estate investment, development and financing with a particularly strong focus on hospitality.

We pride ourselves in being a contrarian firm. We avoid being influenced by swings in conventional wisdom about the relative attractiveness of specific sectors. Instead, we seek to identify under-appreciated opportunities and identify developing industry trends in order to capitalize on them before they become widely appreciated.

Our current focus is on the Maldives hospitality sector. Given our local knowledge, presence and connections in the Maldives combined with the reach of global capital flows from our hub in London, we feel we are extraordinarily well placed to deliver opportunities in this exciting hospitality growth market.

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